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Written by CatherinaLu on 9th March 2017 and posted in Testosterone Cypionate and Uncategorised.

His ideas are revolutionary but usually not plausible for the common man. In late July, Tim Ferris challenged me — and screw that bald prick for challenging me — to stop touching my bald prick. Giving up the giggle juice for a month is simple.

Going thirty days without fidgeting the digit is a tough task. So why would a man give up personal flogging? Ferris barked about the benefits of abstaining from vein draining and the big sell point were higher testosterone levels.

Research has found that men with low levels of testosterone suffer from bouts of depression. Testosterone is vital in regulating insulin levels, glucose, and the metabolism of fat in the body so it higher levels help keep the body lean. Last, and certainly not least, is the obvious benefit of in the sack. Higher T levels keeps your dong hard and your libido motoring. zzzquil testosterone-8176 These might not be an issue for er men but at a certain age your body and your dick kind of hit a wall.

Keeping T levels in check now will be beneficial in the decades when no one wants to see a limp dick or maybe even see it at all. PREGAMING: Masturbation is no different than any other indulgence — it can be done to the point of overkill. zzzquil testosterone-7536 If thirty days without masturbating is on the docket then a day of flogging was in order to get it all out of the system. Slightly uncomfortable case of blue balls is no way to start the workday. I needed to release.

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Put me out in the wild among short skirts and chicks running errands in yoga pants tighter than the epidermis and the gears in the mind start grinding.

I bring this up because I spent the day at the beach. You see my point now. The plaintiff gave explicit details about the many times Michael Jackson molested him as a . The plaintiff explained that Jackson used code words in public to relay sexual messages to the man. Masturbation in my life is a calming agent, especially right before bed. Zzzquil is as good as advertised. I was out of commission a solid hour before my usual slumber time. It feels like the cobwebs shook from inside my brain.

Clarity is the dominant feeling of the day.

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The bad news is now I just want to fap to get that high back. The figurative drug because the literal drug, Zzzquil, got flushed because I was a day away from dropping into Gatorade as a no-fap sizzurp. So hot that people forgot to wear half of their clothes. So hot that women were sweating through white shirts on the subway and working out in the gym in clothes that might as well been swimsuits.

I was tinkering with the idea of not tinkering with myself for even longer. See just how long I could pull this off. Could I go two months? Could I make it to the end of the year without treating myself to a little self sexing? Too be more specific, it was The Fappening. Sign In With Facebook. Sign In With Twitter. Sign In With Email. Powered by www.urbanmessenger.org VIP.