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We ask that you pay in full at time of service. We will submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf and any reimbursement due will be sent directly to you by the insurance company. Hormones control virtually all functions of the body including our reproductive, immune and metabolic systems. As a result, hormones actually control our overall physical and mental health. Therefore, if hormone levels decline, we suffer both physically and mentally. We lose our energy, vitality, mental agility, and longevity.

By restoring our hormone balance, we regain our youthful zeal, strengthen our bodies and renew our minds. At The Broadway Clinic, our programs and therapies are the result of years of medical research, coupled with advances in biotechnology.

We offer our patients medical treatments that combine both mainstream and alternative medicine, all of which are designed to help them balance their hormones so they can enjoy a longer and far more vibrant life.

Our hormones are safe, effective, and easy. What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT? What does it cost?

The Broadway Clinic is an out-of-network provider for all major health insurance plans.

The Men’s Clinic Oklahoma — Testosterone Replacement Under the Care of a Physician make your appointment now at

We are not providers for Medicare or Medicaid.

Importance of Balanced Hormones. Finding Balance at The Broadway Clinic. testosterone okc-8861 Are you tired all the time?

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