Can You Have High Testosterone Low Libido

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If you’re looking for ways to boost your testosterone level, start by looking at your daily habits. can you have high testosterone low libido-8204 Some changes that are good for your overall health could also provide benefits in helping to maintain a healthy level of this important male hormone. George Yu, MD, a urology professor at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D. A lack of sleep affects a variety of hormones and chemicals in your body. This, in turn, can have a harmful impact on your testosterone.

Prize your sleep, just like you’d prize a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Men who are overweight or obese often have low testosterone levels, says Alvin M. Matsumoto, MD, of the University of Washington college of Medicine in Seattle. For those men, losing the extra weight can help bring testosterone back up, he says.

Likewise, for men who are underweight, getting your weight up to a healthy level can also have a positive effect on the hormone. Testosterone adapts to your body’s needs, Yu says. If you spend most of your time lying on the couch, your brain gets the message that you don’t need as much to bolster your muscles and bones. But, he says, when you’re physically active, your brain sends out the signal for more of the hormone.

If you’re getting little exercise now, Miner suggests starting by: Don’t go overboard. can you have high testosterone low libido-165 Extreme amounts of endurance exercise – working out at the level of elite athletes – can lower your testosterone. If you’re under constant stress, your body will churn out a steady stream of the stress hormone cortisol.

When it does, it will be less able to create testosterone. So, controlling your stress is important for keeping up your testosterone, Miner says.

Low Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive: Low Libido and More

If you’re concerned about your testosterone level, discuss your medications with your doctor to make sure they’re not the problem, and to make adjustments to your treatment if needed.

Finally, although you’re likely to encounter online ads for testosterone-boosting supplementsyou aren’t likely to find any that will do much good. Your body naturally makes a hormone called DHEA that it can convert to testosterone. DHEA is also available in supplement form. But neither Miner nor Matsumoto advise using DHEA supplements since, they say, they will do little to raise your testosterone.

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The High Price of Low Testosterone

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Video: Flu Symptoms and Remedies. Related to Men’s Health. Can You Boost Low Testosterone Naturally? By Eric Metcalf, MPH. If you’re having problems getting good sleep on a regular basis, talk to your doctor. Keep a Healthy Weight. If you’re getting little exercise now, Miner suggests starting by:. Building strength with several sessions of weights or elastic bands each week. Work with a trainer to learn proper form so you don’t injure yourself.

Take Control of Your Stress. Miner’s advice to the over-stressed men he sees in his office is to:. Cut back on long work hours. Some medicines can cause a drop in your testosterone level, Matsumoto says. Opioid drugs such as fentanylMS Contin, and OxyContin.

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