Bad Side Effects Of Testosterone Boosters

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Categories Best Sellers Product Spotlight Store News. There is no other hormone in the body that stimulates muscle growth, libido and strength like testosterone. The synergistic combination of these four complexes are designed to turbo charge your testosterone production to impressive levels without the side effects of harmful steroids.

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Testosterone Boosters – Supplement Giant

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Thanks again for the quick turn-around! Price: Low to High. Price: High to Low. Flexibility —Free Test XRT is a functional formulation that can be used effectively in a variety of stacking situations. If you want to get ripped and vascular or strong and full, FreeTest XRT is a must-have before your workout. Feel—researchers at Applied Nutriceuticals wanted to give Free Test XRT something extra that would really make it stand out above the rest.

On this note, we added a sensory experience to the formulation that makes it completely unique: a flavored outer coating that enhances the boldness of the formulation. The result is a boost in energy that will improve your pump, mood, and libido after the first few doses. Free Test XRT contains dehydroepiandosterone DHEAan ingredient associated with an enhancement of the anabolism growth to catabolism ratio.

Higher DHEA levels are normally associated with lower levels of cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone that tears down muscle tissue. Multiple studies have determined that niacin is a potent suppressor of free fatty acid release, which is one of the main stimuli for shutting off growth hormone secretion.

Uridine is a purine nucleotide base found in multiple natural sources. Choline is a molecule that is used in methylation and the production of acetylcholine. Studies have shown a synergism between uridine and choline in the production of phosphocholine and CDP-Choline in the brain.

Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors have been shown in numerous scientific studies to inhibit somatostatin. By inhibiting somatostatin, overall mean serum GH increases. L-Dopa has been shown to increase levels of growth hormone in human subjects in an orally viable manner. L-Dopa is most effective when the conversion of L-Dopa to dopamine is mediated by a decarboxylase inhibitor EGCG. EGCG has been shown to significantly increase the effects of Huperzine A on acetylcholine esterase inhibition by increasing the transport of.

Supplement Giant on Facebook. This product is currently out of stock. Stak also includes DHT blockers and aromatase inhibitors to help your body prevent the conversion of testosterone to either estrogen or DHT. Test is the ultimate in legal hypertrophic, pro-testosterone supplementation.

Combining the most potent natural extracts with one of the hottest, patented, proven supplements to hit the industry in recent years, the all new Test redefines the capabilities of bodybuilding supplementation. The Pro-Androgen portion of the Test formula couples dynamic herbal extracts designed to facilitate a rise in free and total testosterone with effective anti-estrogen compounds capable of maximizing the natural anabolic response.

Explosive gains in strength and size. Fortified with yohimbe extract designed to enable physique recomposition, this is only the first facet of the powerful Test formula. These constituents work to block circulating estrogen from reaching receptors as well as negating the inevitable estrogen boost brought about by excessive testosterone production, thus directly and indirectly promoting a higher ratio of circulating serum testosterone.

The final and perhaps the most dramatically powerful element of the new Test formula is the inclusion of the highly heralded, proven and patented hypertrophic agent, Arachidonic Acid AA. Backed by university research studies and real world testimonials, AA has taken the bodybuilding world by storm—and for good reason. Arachidonic Acid has multiple benefits for the hard training bodybuilder, the most dramatic of which are the ability for it to enhance androgen receptor sensitivity and to amplify training related muscle inflammation and in turn magnify hypertrophy.

This status as an anabolic catalyst made it the perfect backbone for this new formula—providing muscle building qualities by itself and augmenting the actions of the other extremely powerful ingredients that together comprise Test.

Big T is an “all natural” testosterone booster that is research-based and is designed to act by helping to modulate test levels by helping to minimize estrogen. Big T along with the proper diet exercise program, is designed to:. D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is a racemate isomer of the more common L-Aspartic Acid.

AllMax has created a stand-alone Essentials form of this ingredient, which allows you to precisely control and timing and cycling. Increases in Testosterone can have a profound effect on strength, muscle size, density, thickness and fat loss. Increased Testosterone can also lead to increases in libido, a general feeling of well-being and sexual performance enhancements.

You see, at Axis Labs, we are obsessed with supporting the needs of active, health-conscience fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Endoshield is a precision-engineered formula that addresses what active men want most — peak health and optimal testosterone support.

Second, the groundbreaking EndoDrive Support blend offers a synergistic blend of compounds that naturally support testosterone. A Fully Functional, Efficacious Dose.

In fact, you can toss out your current multivitamin product and upgrade to Endo Shield. Out with the old and in with the new new and more effective, that is. Endoshield offers a full array of vitamins and minerals in efficacious doses that help to offset nutritional deficiencies and support optimal health. Thus the incorporation of the unique EndoDrive Support blend in Endoshield. So, why is that such a big deal?

When testosterone is at optimal levels, men experience greater strength, vitality, libido, mood and overall health. To be sure, those interested in increasing their testosterone have many pro hormone and testosterone-boosting products on the market to choose from. For instance, Axis Labs offers Myodrol and HyperTest, two highly effective testosterone boosters. So, where does Endoshield fit?

Endoshield is the perfect, nutritional compliment to a testosterone-supporting training and supplement regimen. The Vitamin D Effect. Vitamin D is a cholesterol-based compound that is naturally produced in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight or artificial sunlight. Once in circulation, Vitamin D functions as a type of hormone that binds to specific cellular receptors.

Other key functions of Vitamin D include its role in managing calcium and phosphorous levels in bone tissue, teeth and the blood. Additionally, and maybe more interesting to you, emerging research suggests that Vitamin D is linked to testosterone production. More specifically, there seems to be a direct correlation between low levels of serum Vitamin D and decreased testosterone production.

Furthermore, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the alarming trend of widespread obesity, a contributing factor to decreased muscle strength, inflammation and insulin resistance.

All Vitamin D compounds and supplements are not created equal. Supporting natural testosterone production alone may not be enough to achieve adequate results. Aromatase enzymes work to convert testosterone into estrogens. Fortunately, Endoshield has Quercetin. The Power of Quercetin. Quercetin is a powerful flavonoid a compound that gives plants their bright coloration that may provide several key benefits in the body.

It functions as an antioxidant to combat the cell-ravaging effects of free radicals, works as an anti-inflammatory agent and may support a healthy prostate. However, one of the more direct benefits of quercetin, relative to testosterone support, is its purported effect on inhibiting aromatase enzymes. Simply put — inhibition of aromatase may result in more testosterone production and less estrogen production.

The Final Word in Men’s Support. After reviewing the long list of currently available products, we were far less than impressed. Tired Of Feeling Soft? You already know why increasing testosterone is king… But did you know this?

Estrogen is one of the key hormones in the male body for storing fat in the face, abdomen, waistline, and chest. Erase Pro Steps Up Where Others Fall Short. Erase Pro gives you a hardcore hormone modulating formula so strong only one capsule is needed per day.

Our formula is centered around ingredients that work together. This underground compound found in Erase Pro is a naturally occurring compound that has been popularized for its drying and hardening abilities. The Best Just Got Better. This ingredient has already been raved about for over a year in regular Erase.

Erase Pro is a HUGE upgrade. This is the full and maximal dose. In order for estrogen to have all of its negative effects in the body it must bind to the estrogen receptor site. Ingredients that block the ER are commonly used to activate testosterone release and simultaneously lower estrogen levels. Cortisol is what as known as a catabolic compound, the opposite of an anabolic compound.

Keep me away from that stuff. Cortisol levels spike in your body when stress levels are high, such as in the morning, after work, after a workout, during cardio, etc.

So, if logic serves you right, you can see that keeping cortisol levels low is the key for being anti-catabolic and allowing you to make maximal gains. An study on B. Also worth noting, the group taking b. The data on EA performed in vitro is exciting to say the mechanisms may be the frontier of the future.

It has multiple studies showing its strong in vitro data, making it a perfect fit in our formula. It has been a long road to this final when we got a hold of these new compounds and started playing with specific extracts and doses, we knew we had something special. A huge upgrade to an already overwhelmingly strong product. Enjoy the Erase Pro experience. Sorry, product is currently not available.

Choline Choline is a molecule that is used in methylation and the production of acetylcholine. What is HGH Up? HGH Up is Applied Nutraceuticals’ first “Hybrid Anabolic” support product. What Makes HGH Up Such a Powerful GH Booster:. Why Should You Buy HGH Up? What is Free Test? What Makes Free Test the Strongest Test on the Market? Why Should I Buy Free Test? Because there is no substitute for research and proven results.

Other companies make big claims, but have little or nothing to back them up. The prohormone ban has come and gone. The distinct advantage of a hANh is that the user is able to obtain maximal physiological benefits comparable to that of fully hormonal products while minimizing potential side effects and disruption of enenous factors post-usage. Applied Nutriceuticals pioneered this product category with HGH Up and now takes it a step further with Free Test.

On the other hand it increases the testicular output of testosterone. And that, my friends, is what directly leads to huge increases in massive, rock-hard muscle. High testicular ALCAR levels are conducive to heightened spermatogenesis. Impressive results for any product — especially one with no negative side effects! Furthermore, the subjective feedback from the Free Test beta testers was nothing short of amazing.

Within the first week users experienced feeling more motivated and assertive with shirt-splitting pumps, big-time strength increases, and revved up libido…all within the first week! Third, the FREE-T Activator allows your body to release free testosterone from binding proteins, enabling the anabolic hormones to stimulate muscle growth and libido.

This is why reversing this decline is essential to keeping the benefits of testosterone or even increasing them. As we had mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of testosterone, total testosterone also known as testosterone serum and free testosterone also known as bioavailable testosterone. Total testosterone is created when the brain releases a hormone from the pituitary gland called luteinizing hormone LH.

LH stimulates the testes to produce total testosterone through the Pituitary Axis Hey! So the first step in increasing testosterone is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more LH. SHBG renders testosterone inactive so it can move throughout the body without being used before it is needed. Once total testosterone is freed from SHBG, it is known as free testosterone and is active to increase libido and most importantly, protein synthesis, the process of repairing and building muscle from amino acids and protein.

Because total testosterone is rendered inactive and often for too long men are still without the benefits of increased testosterone. This hormone must be free to travel into the nucleus of cells to turn on the genes necessary for anabolism and muscle growth. The ingredients in the FREE-T Activator enable your body to free testosterone from these binding proteins, increasing the levels of free testosterone in your body.

By freeing the testosterone from binding proteins, it is able to elicit anabolic effects, such as libido and support muscle growth, strength and recovery. The study showed improvements in Aging Male Syndrome and Sexual Health Inventory Questionnaire score. Toxicity was also measured in the study showing positive results. The Cortisol Neutralizer helps your body deal with stress and promote muscle growth and libido.

Stress is known for accelerating the highly undesirable hormone, cortisol, which can occur from the unfortunate adversities of life or even from intense exertion on the body from training. The results were astonishing. It is time to take massive action and awaken or reawaken your primal male! At the end of the day, your body is in need of repair and recovery. By providing your body with these necessary ingredients, you can help it stay on track for steady repair, rather than burning out from exhaustion.

As we age, our Human Growth Hormone production decreases, and thus, so does our production of vitality promoting Growth Factors. Pure IGF Extreme is a high potency extract of these naturally occurring Growth Factors. IGF directly supplements the body to support restoring these growth factors to youthful levels, and to thus assisting in the areas of:.

Pure Solutions IGF products contain a complete source of the specialized growth factors that many other HGH products only attempt to stimulate within the body. Pure Solutions product is a direct supplementation and does not require stimulation of the pituitary gland. These specialized growth factors are the source of all the benefits advertised by HGH products.

The Growth Factor Complex is effectively assimilated and absorbed into the body. Reported benefits from taking Pure Solutions IGF products:. Recent research has shown that Human Growth Factor levels can safely be restored using the dietary supplement Pure IGF Extreme.

Importantly, unlike many human growth hormone products on the market, the effectiveness of Pure IGF Extreme does not rely on stimulation of the pituitary gland.

Pure IGF Extreme and the relative growth factors, taken as directed, are absorbed directly into the vascular system via absorption under the tongue and through the interior lining of the cheeks. Pure IGF Extreme is a safe and natural product that is ideal for the person wanting to support the natural defenses in their body against the unwanted effects of aging.

Pure IGF Extreme contains a concentrated source of the growth factor matrix found in New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler. Because of the many different growth factors found in the Velvet Antler, this product can provide unique benefits based on your individual needs.

At this dosage, Pure IGF Extreme can be used daily as an ongoing anti-aging support. Pure Solutions is a pioneer in the production of natural supplements that contain a high concentration of naturally balanced growth factors derived from New Zealand Velvet Deer Antler.

Growth factors can be defined as bound theutic protein amino acids. Benefiting from the presence of growth factors in our bodies begins by taking Pure IGF Extreme on a daily basis. Growth factors are not foreign to our systems, having played a critical role during the many years of our physical development. Adequate growth factor presence is essential for every component within the framework of our physical function. Unfortunately, as years pass, the levels of these theutic amino acids continue to gradually diminish in number.

Test Launch combines the best scientifically proven and legal test boosting elements into one powerful formula. Benefits of Increased Testosterone. Test Launch was explicitly created to have the highest quality, most potent formula available in a test boosting product. By opening the pathway to higher than normal test levels you create the potential of skyrocketing anabolic gains in the gym, and in the mirror!

The Science Behind the Formula:. D-Aspartic Acid DAA is a naturally occurring amino acid found in the human reproductive organs, hypothalamus and pituitary gland. D-aspartic acid is formed when the enzyme aspartate racemase converts L-aspartic acid into D-aspartic acid in the testes and other glands within the body. D-aspartic acid plays a vital role in the manufacturing of sperm cells and sex hormone production. DAA is a very potent sexual performance stimulator, enhancing libido, erection quality, and heightening of orgasms and the quality of sexual activity.

Human studies have shown a correlation between a significant increase in luteinizing hormone LHa messenger hormone which signals the testes to produce more testosterone, and higher testosterone levels in men when supplementing D-aspartic Acid. DAA also induces potent elevation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and GABA, which are implicated to be responsible for its memory enhancing, anti-depressive and neurotropic effects.

Only the correct dose can produce an anabolic response. The amino acid Sarcosine works synergistically with D-Aspartic Acid to greatly enhance its activity at the receptor site.

The use of Sarcosine infused DAA leads to higher elevation of testosterone peaks compared to the usage of DAA alone. All products promoting the use of DAA should include a dose of Sarcosine. Ursolic Acid is derived from the skin and tissues of many edible plants and fruits. Modern scientific research which led to the isolation and identification of Ursolic acid revealed and confirmed that several pharmacological effects, such as, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, antimicrobial, and antiviral, can be attributed to Ursolic acid.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties alone make it a worthwhile contributor to the formula. However more recent scientific studies have shown Ursolic acid to be a powerful anabolic substance. Recent research has suggested Ursolic acid can be a potent muscle builder AND fat burner! Ursolic acid was shown to block the muscle wasting caused by undernourishment.

Interestingly, fat loss occurred simultaneously and at a rate practically inversely proportional to muscle gain. Ursolic acid has been shown to shrink fat cells. It is believed that it achieves this by both enhancing lipolysis fat burning and blocking fatty acid synthesis.

It may also affect fat stores by blocking cortisol activation. Ursolic acid is also an effective blocker of the enzyme aromatase, so it has the potential to control estrogen production while maximizing testosterone release! Tribulus contains an extract of Tribulus terrestris herb aerial parts — leaves and stems and contains steroidal saponins, mainly furostanol glycosides including protodioscin and protogracillin and small quantities of spirostanol glycosides, sterols and other compounds.

The compounds in Tribulus work together not to induce the production of testosterone but rather to increase luteinizing hormone LH which converts free testosterone into useable anabolic hormone. The Tribulus found in Test Launch works synergistically with D Aspartic Acid converting more testosterone production into useable testosterone. Maca contains plant sterols which can block and control the production of estrogen and boost testosterone level.

In studies, Maca increases total testosterone indirectly by increasing sex hormone binding globulin which increases free testosterone levels.

Testofen is an extract of fenugreek seed containing the steroidal saponins, sapogenins and furostanol saponins, which are important precursors for the synthesis of a number of sex hormones. The extract has been suggested in human studies to raise free testosterone, the only type of testosterone to actually enter the muscle cell and cause positive results in muscle gains.

Vitamin D promotes testosterone by manipulating vitamin D receptor cells of the various glands in the body responsible for testosterone production.

Exposure to the sun causes Vitamin D synthesis in our skin. In studies, men with low Vitamin D levels have been shown to have significantly lower testosterone levels, higher body mass index, higher rates of cardiovascular disease and greater chance of depression. Men with adequate levels of vitamin D conversely had higher testosterone levels, leaner body composition, more lean mass and better overall health.

Adequate levels of Vitamin D may also inhibit aromatization, a process in which testosterone can be converted to estrogen in men. Increasing your Vitamin D intake is an easy way to elevate your levels of free testosterone.

With elevated test levels you can expect reduced recovery time between workouts, increased training intensity, muscle hypertrophy, and dense lean muscle mass. Maximize Your Training in just one serving per day.

Always use in accordance with directions for use and warnings. Testagen is a comprehensive, size, and strength promoter. The relatively fast-acting compounds in Testagen may significantly optimize anabolic activity and muscle hypertrophy in trained individuals when used as directed. You may aggressively induce increased muscle belly size gains that are qualitatively visibly harder and denser.

The minimal water retention makes Testagen a very desirable supplement for bodybuilders and athletes interested in building a solid foundation of quality mass or cutting up with minimal aromitization and ultra low toxicity. Scientific Note: Proper testosterone levels are responsible for optimal sexual health, energy, immune system function, increased fat loss, gaining and building lean muscle mass.

A New Era In Testosterone: Novel Pathway. New scientific studies have surmised optimal increases in testosterone. Scientists were shocked by the results of the clinical trials on normal healthy subjects showing an astounding increases in Bioavailable testosterone and increases in total testosterone.

This is a human study with a two-way, cross-over, randomized, placebo controlled “gold-standard” research study – not a rat study, not s – humans, with shocking, statistically significant results across the board.

Absolutely new to the market and completely exclusive to new and improved TestoFX LoadedTestoSURGE is a new and novel ingredient that will completely re-write testosterone enhancement as we know it. The ‘mechanism’ is less of what it is and more of how it works. Completely novel High PLC laboratory testing has standardized the chemical signature Grecunin. Everyone knows that when test levels are increased, your body fights back – the more Test you have in your system, the more your body acts to bring the levels down to a baseline level.

It works against you to reduce test. It does this by two specific proteins, SHBG and Albumin. They circulate in the blood and actually bind to and deactivate your testosterone.

New TestoSURGE in TestoFX Loaded actively drives down SHBG and Albumin in blood plasma to drive up both total test and more importantly Bioavailable test. Just When You Didn’t Think It Could Get Any Better. Aromatase is responsible for converting Testosterone especially “excess” test to Estrogen and DHT.

New and exclusive to TestoFX Loaded is Novaldim, our Estrogen Disposal Agent. Ultra-Concentrated Powerhouse Testosterone Booster. As Cortisol increases, Testosterone decreases. Elevated levels of the stress hormone Cortisol negatively affect plasma testosterone levels.

Patented technology, combined with gold-standard research surmises remarkable decreases in Cortisol, but also dramatic increases in serum DHEA! Promotes Lutropin LH production and is clinically suggested to support biologically active ‘unbound’ Testosterone levels! Unbound Testosterone is the only form that can activate Testosterone receptors for increased muscle growth and strength.

TestoSURGE supports your Bioavailable Testosterone levels. Even better, total testosterone may increase! Gold-standard, placebo controlled clinical research has surmised what you may feel, core ingredients push your Testosterone to the edge and beyond!

Increase your Testosterone receptor affinity. TESTOLOCK pushes Testosterone to a whole new level. TESTOLOCK is a dual-phase blend that spares receptors from Free Radical damage and increases receptor membrane health. Net result, healthy receptors lock Testosterone for maximum impact. NOVALDIM blocks Aromatase and down-regulates Test to Estrogen conversion. Secondly, it promotes metabolism of Estrogen, reducing active Estrogen to inert, inactive forms.

Research has suggested that NOVALDIM works to actually lock up and block estrogen receptors! It protects you against potential negative effects. You want the benefits without side-effects.

Rest assured, TestoFX Loaded works with your body and completes the process with two, supportive organochemical phytoextracts. New NOVALDIM, exclusive to TestoFX Loaded:. From an anabolic point of view, the level of free testosterone rises in the blood with use of NOVALDIM.

Estrogen, even more than testosterone itself, incurs a negative hormonal feedback loop to the pituitary gland, where the rate-limiting gonadotropin for testosterone synthesis, luteinizing hormone LH is synthesized and released. What this means is that high blood levels of estrogen, as may occur through aromatization of free testosterone, turns off the release of LH from the pituitary gland.

The net effect promotes optimal Testosterone synthesis in the Leydig cells of the testes, as well as lower levels of bad estrogen and all the effects that go with it. Scientific research has suggested that it may stimulate the body’s production of luteinizing hormone which in turn promotes the production of Testosterone, the key male hormone responsible for helping to add lean body mass and increase metabolism.

Studies on Tribulus are ongoing to this day. Athletes use Tribulus terrestris because of the purported effects of helping to insure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level at all times, during times of heavy training.

Tribulus continues to be used by some of the worlds’ most elite athletes and has grown in popularity among recreational athletes as well. Popular among bodybuilders, Tribulus terrestris may be the perfect complement to your hardcore training regimen.

Experience the power of wild crafted Tribulus backed by clinical laboratory testing. You can always trust AllMax Nutrition to bring you the highest in quality and strength.

Tropinol XP is the one testosterone booster on the market that focuses on using only clinically proven compounds to ensure that your testosterone is raised higher than ever before, and that you can actually feel the extra testosterone coursing through your body. Testosterone is the key deciding factor in how much muscle you can gain.

Too little testosterone, and no matter how well you eat, no matter how hard you train, and no matter how much you wish it would happen, you just won’t grow. Testosterone is what separates mans from men, and odds are that your testosterone is lower now than it has been since before you hit .

That means there is only one solution to adding slabs of lean, hard, and dense muscle to your frame, and that is more testosterone. The most effective way to enhance your testosterone to super-human limits is to use Tropinol XPthe most advanced testosterone booster ever created.